Singleton Fly Fishing Club was formed last century and became incorporated in 2002. The club has a mixture of experienced and novice fly fishers fishing both fresh and salt water.
The Club meets on the  first Wednesday of the month at Maitland City Bowling Club, 14 Arthur St, Rutherford at 6.30pm.

The club encourages catch and release fishing - but sometimes you just have to take one fish home to earn some brownie points for the next trip.


The aims of the club are to promote the sport of fly fishing and share the knowledge of it to fisherpersons of all skill levels in a warm friendly mannerism.


Funds raised by Singleton Fly Fishing Club contribute towards our native fish stocking program for maintaining sustainable populations of Australian Bass. The Club has released fingerlings annually into Lake St Clair since 2002 for the benefit of recreational anglers and local businesses in the Singleton area.


If anyone is heading up this way for a holiday or work and would like to do some fly fishing please contact us and we will try to help.