2012 Events Calendar

Date Location
April 21-22 Black & Gold Cabins, Lithgow.
May 19-20  St Clair, Singleton
June 30 St Clair, Singleton
July 14
Christmas in July, Maitland
August 5th Wangi Caravan Park, meet at 7.30 am,  Target: Salmon from boats.
Trip organiser  Brent Blackwell.
August xx
RISE Film Festival, Maitland
September xx
October xx 9th Invitational Carp Fly Classic, Lake Liddell
November xx xx
December xx xx

The dates on this calendar are likely to change depending upon moon phases, weather patterns, temperature, shift times, sickies available, holidays left, Green Ginger allowance and basically whether or not we feel like it! So the best thing to do is attend the meetings before the outing just in case.